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Brut Nature : Zero Dosage

Vintage : 2011/2017

This has been a very long time in the making! Back in 2011 the Australian wine landscape was a very different place, it was one of the hardest vintages to date (on par with the recent 2023 season, we’re much better prepared these days). Natural wine hadn’t yet quite broken the foundations of conventional practice, it was a very different place. I really wanted to produce a sparkling wine with a vision to celebrate a momentous 40 years (super long term stuff).

Norm & Di originally planted Pinot Noir for Trevor Mast to produce sparkling wine for his project ‘Mount Chalambar’ only one vintage of this was produced with our fruit way back in 1987, we’d always wanted to produce something again, so a sparkling base was produced in 2011 whole bunch pressed straight to well seasoned French hogs heads for 3 years on full lees un disturbed. 2017 was another perfect opportunity to produce sparkling base, this time pressed into stainless steel for ferment & élevage for 18 months. Both wines were assembled & triaged in 2019 left on lees for 4 years in the cold cellars at Eastern Peake. Disgorged July 2023. We have kept base of this wine which went into the recently triaged 2011,17,21 sparkling & will keep a portion of base each year to have a house style.

Finally! we’re absolutely stoked to releasing this wine, so excited to get it out. It’s been a long journey while this little batch of fizz has been patiently waiting hidden away in the cellar awaiting release. Enjoy.

Brut Nature Zero Dosage



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