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 2022 Intrinsic Chardonnay 


One of the most anticipated intrinsic Chardonnay’s to date, the 2022 is spectacular & everything I hoped it could ever be, absolutely thrilled to finally have this out for the world to enjoy.

Nourished volcanic grey loam soils over weathered basalt sit on a high plateau at 430m altitude, this block of chardonnay was established in 1991 with Clone I10V5. Farmed with strict organic practices using a mix of regenerative cover crops increasing soil health & productivity in the vineyard, its been an absolute delight seeing the site react to all the thoughtful inputs, walking through the rows & feeling like the soil is alive with energy under foot transcending directly into each vine & the surrounds.

2022 was a very demanding growing season, we managed to keep on top of the challenging weather at each growth stage all the way up until into the beginning of 2022 when the weather finally settled into gear giving our site a beautiful finish,  so many hours were spent keep the vines in pristine condition & I feel like this strongly reflects in the wine.

Harvested 28/3/2022, whole bunch pressed, fermented with the vineyard & cellars naturally occurring indigenous yeasts in 300L hogs heads using a mix Siruge (French) & Stockinger (Austrian) cooperages, during élevage there is absolutely no racking, left on full solids with no interference with the lees, the wine always goes through full malolactic fermentation on its own, a small amount of sulphur post malo in December, racked from barrel 21/3/2023 to stainless tank no fining or filtering, bottled 20/10/2023 A small amount of sulphur pre estate bottling.

Also we finally planted 6500 chardonnay  vines, mostly clone Bernard 76 & some Penfolds 58 The vines have filled out the remaining land surrounding the vineyard & cellar. It’s quite an amazing feeling seeing new life taking shape on the estate after all these years, now the waiting game to reach the age of fruit production.

A very fine example of true Eastern Peake Chardonnay, again reminiscent of exceptional vintages. This is definitely one for enjoying right now but also one for the ages, a long youthful life ahead. The 2021 Intrinsic Chardonnay was one of the most celebrated & highly praised wines we have ever produced, we’re quite simply blown away with everyones response. If its anything to go by the 2022 we feel is a notch up again from the 2021 both excellent wines in their own way reflecting the season at hand. Don’t miss out on this.

1500ml Magnum 2022 Intrinsic Chardonnay



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